Housing on Nantucket: The Basics.

Want to better understand the housing situation on Nantucket? Need a refresher on the kinds of housing the town and other non-profits are working to create? Do terms like the SHI list, 40Bs, HUD requirements and the legal definition of the word “affordable” make your head swim? Listen to this 27-minute recording with Tucker Holland, […]

The difference: Why ACK•Now is a 501(c)4, not a 501(c)3.

Good morning, Islanders. This is the first in a series of weekly morning notes we will be sending our subscribers. Thank you so much for inviting us into your inbox. Today we thought we would give you some information on one of the things that sets ACK•Now apart. One of the important distinctions between ACK•Now […]

How do cities and towns pay for transportation?

Let’s face it. Making improvements to transportation requires funding and lots of it. The Metropolitan Area Planning Council in Massachusetts has put together its 2019 report on ways for Massachusetts cities and towns to pay for transportation improvements. Not all of these 14 suggestions relate directly to Nantucket, but they may spark some creative problem-solving.